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If one training is good, a training series is even better! I believe the most sustainable change happens in the context of long-term working relationships. If you're looking to expand your organization's capacity beyond a single initiative, consider bringing me on as a consultant.

Hire me to provide support as you work towards building the most gender- and sexuality-affirming organization possible.

Queer and trans liberation is the central driving value that got me into both education and organizing, and it remains a core theme of all my work. I love to work with organizations of all kinds that are looking to live out the values of gender justice in their workplaces, movement groups, and other collective communities.

I'll work with you to identify your organization's priorities and areas for growth, and to develop a consulting, training, and technical assistance plan that addresses your unique needs and context.


This plan might include some or all of the following:

  • Organizational assessment

  • Customized training series

  • Customized educational and other materials to accompany trainings

  • Surveys, focus groups, and/or interviews with clients, staff, members, and other key stakeholders

  • Review and suggested revision of communications, data collection, and other public-facing materials

  • Review and suggested revision of organizational policies, forms, personnel documents, mission statement, strategic plan/other guiding documents, and other internal materials

  • Best practice recommendations for your field

  • Customized continuing education resource guide

I can't wait to start our work together.

Colorful Flowers

Hire me to collect and analyze data, conduct an evaluation, or assist with a research project.

Imagine: You need to evaluate one of your programs for a funder, but you don't have dedicated evaluation staff. You want to know what your clients or members need from you over the next year, but you're not sure how to systematically find out. You're planning escalating actions against a set of targets, but will need strategic background research on each target before the actions take place.

I can work with you to take a data, evaluation, or research project from start to finish, including:

  • Evaluation and research design

  • Institutional Review Board application

  • Reviewing background literature

  • Developing work plans

  • Designing data collection instruments

  • Collecting quantitative and qualitative data

  • Data analysis and reporting

Whether your desired final product is a report, a database, an infographic, or something else entirely, I will work with you to make it the best it can be.

Hire me to develop a training series customized to your organization's specific needs and context.

Are you looking to create a more gender-affirming and sexuality-affirming organization? Do you want to integrate a trauma-informed approach into your organizational culture? Do you want to cumulatively build your membership's skills in strategic data collection and analysis?

I can work with you to identify your educational goals and develop a training plan that guides participants through multiple stages of growth, each training building upon the learning from the last. The series will be tailored to your specific context, and each session will serve a specific purpose within the larger whole. Over the course of a month, a year, or more, I can help you achieve sustainable and sustained change.

A red-tinted photo of a woman holding a post-it note up to a blackboard calendar


Light and Shadow

Hil can translate complicated concepts into digestible bits of information that enable us to gain a deeper understanding of the topic, and then find ways to implement best practices into our work immediately.

Light and Shadow

I really appreciate the passion, ideas, courage, and work ethic that Hil brings to all of our projects and work.

Light and Shadow

Hil has a particular sensitivity to centering communities who have been marginalized by systems of oppression, and proposes strategies to help ensure that our programs will affirm their lived experiences while addressing health inequities on a larger scale. 

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