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I believe in the power of ongoing, engaged education to transform the way organizations provide care and services to their clients, members, and communities, and I believe that education should be accessible and relevant to anyone who wants it. I'd love to work with you to make your training dreams a reality.

Hire me to provide training on how to offer services in a way that affirms and honors the identities of your clients.

My journey as an educator started when I was forced to begin educating my own doctors on gender and sexuality - just so they would provide me with the right care! I'm passionate about uprooting bias wherever it appears, and we can't uproot bias until we openly face it.

Past training topics include:

  • Introduction to gender and sexuality

  • Introduction to affirming queer and trans healthcare

  • Introduction to the microaggressions model

  • Introduction to implicit bias in healthcare

  • Exploring the principles of inclusive and affirming language

  • Counseling and supporting queer and trans youth in schools

  • Health, well-being, and support systems for trans college students

  • Building affirming health systems for queer and trans communities

I am also available to work with you to identify your educational needs and priorities and design custom trainings to meet them.

Please note: I do not offer paid trainings on anti-racism. White trainers should not be compensated for educating against a system (white supremacy) from which we already materially benefit. Racism and colonization are core intersecting themes of my trainings, but as a white trainer in a historically Black city, I strongly encourage you to compensate Black, Indigenous, and other trainers of color for training in this area. I would be happy to direct you to a list of fantastic BIPOC trainers.

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Hire me to provide training on how to better support your clients, members, and workers who have experienced trauma.

As a person who has experienced trauma and a member of multiple communities that carry historical traumas, I am dedicated to educating as many care providers and other workers as possible on the principles and practice of trauma-informed care. 

Past training topics include:

  • Introduction to individual and collective trauma

  • Introduction to secondary (vicarious) trauma

  • Introduction to trauma-informed care

  • Addressing triggers and trauma responses

  • Building trauma-informed healthcare systems

  • Building trauma-informed organizations

I am also available to work with you to design a trauma training specific to your organization and/or community.

Hire me to provide your organization or membership with training on the basic skills needed for collecting and working with data.

Many people think that research is only done by professional researchers, and they couldn't be more wrong! Organizers, administrators, direct service professionals, and lay people are more than capable of working with data and conducting important, valuable research to strengthen their campaigns and programs. I love to help people gain confidence in their ability to do the kind of research that really matters.

Past training topics include:

  • Introduction to grassroots research

  • Research skills for healthcare organizers

  • Introduction to survey design

  • Introduction to legislative research

  • Locating and interpreting public health data

  • Using the internet to conduct movement research

  • Using data for program improvement

  • How to write a work plan

I am also available to work with you to identify your organization's areas for growth and develop customized trainings based on those needs.

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Light and Shadow

Even knowing the topic, I had no idea this training would be so informative and immediately applicable to my work.

Light and Shadow

Hil has a remarkable ability to engage training participants in discussing complex, nuanced topics in ways that simultaneously make them feel safe yet also challenged. 

Light and Shadow

Hil, you are an amazing and approachable trainer! Thank you for creating a space of learning and curiosity.

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